Master of Business Administration in Information Technology

The aim of the Master of Business Administration in Information Technology is to equip graduates as hybrid managers who have the critical and analytical skills for defining solutions to the opportunities and challenges in adopting, implementing and using information technology in firms and institutions. The programme is aimed at participants have an aptitude for information systems, and have backgrounds in information technology management, computer science, computer engineering, electronics engineering, information studies, and related fields.

Objectives of the Programme

Students who succeed in completing the MBA in Technology Management programme will be able to:

  • understand design, development, operation and use of technological products and services
  • explore the processes that underpin technological innovation and the challenges of technology from a strategic perspective
  • develop an advanced knowledge of organisations and their effective management in the dynamic competitive global context
  • apply knowledge of technology management to systematically and innovatively enhance strategic business and management practice

Admission Requirement

  • A good first degree with at least a 2nd Class (Lower Division) from an accredited institution
  • Pass a selection interview organised by the Graduate School
  • In exceptional cases, applicants with 3rd class division who are already employed in programme-related fields and demonstrate capacity to cope with the programme may be considered for admission. Such applicants must write and pass a selection examination and an interview.


The following documents are to be enclosed along with the completed application form;
  • Two passport Size Photographs
  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Evidence of Source of Funding
  • Secondary/High School Certificate
  • Degree Certificate(s)
  • Transcript(s)
  • Proof of National Service
  • Proof of Work Experience
  • Resume/CV
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (One (1) must be Academic)
  • Statement of Purpose

Graduation Requirement

i. The programme is designed to be completed within a period of Two (2) years.

ii. The two-year, 60 credits (taught course work and thesis) programme emphasizes learning through lectures, case method, team work, and thesis. The plan of study incorporates fifty-four (54) credit hours of taught courses over the two years of study and six (6) credit hours master’s degree Thesis including: thirty – nine (39) credit hours of core courses including Thesis and twenty – one (21) credit hours of departmental elective courses.

iii. To graduate, students must pass all the School and Departmental courses and the Thesis.

iv. Students must obtain a total of 60 credits as described below:

First Year Second Year   Total Credits
Course Work Course Work Thesis  
30 – 36 Credits 24 – 30 Credits 6 Credits 60 – 72 Credits


v. All fees must be paid in full by the time of completion of the academic degree programme.

Mode of Study

Full time



Career Prospects:

Graduates of this programme are well-prepared for the following roles:

Information Systems Director

Information Systems Manager

Management Analyst

Chief Information Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Project Manager

Computer & Information Research Scientistmanagement

Components of the programme:

a. Required(core) course(s)

A total of ten (10) School Core courses, each of 3 credits are required in the first year. For the second year, a total of five (5) compulsory and three (3) elective departmental courses, each of 3 credits in semesters III and semester IV, are required. In addition, a Thesis of 6 credits weighting is mandatory.


b. Practical training, industrial attachment, internship, clinical experience, etc.
Internship options and your summer break

From early June to early September of year one on the MBA programme, students have the opportunity to put their learning into practice. Students have three internship options:

i. Internship

Students on the MBA Programme undertake an 8-12-week internship at the end of the first year. This helps them to put first year learning into perspective and reveal their own capabilities and goals. A period of intense work experience gives students the chance to:

  • Change career by trying out a new job function. This is an excellent opportunity to enter into a new sector or field of expertise
  • Accelerate student’s current career by developing a specialist interest.
  • earn an income, depending on student’s skills and the industry chosen. Students could be using the opportunity to switch careers or working in a start-up environment.


ii. Workshop/Seminar

Workshops/seminars will be integral in the programme delivery to enable students gain exceptional skills training and expertise from industry experts and other professionals.

For more information please contact;

+233 244 120872 / +233 200 938350 / +233 591 891425 

[email protected]