Life at ANU

Student Experience

At ANU, we want you to have an amazing experience – you just have to get involved with what we have to offer. You’ll make friends for life, discover your passion and learn invaluable skills that will equip you for a bright future. Discover yourself as you sail through the various innovative facilities put in place for you.

Student Activities

Your time at ANU will be among some of the best and most fun years of your life. The Office of Academic and Student Affairs works closely with the Student Representative Council (SRC) each year to schedule amazing performances, field trips and special events that allow our students to experience the richness and diversity of campus life.

Prepare for the Future

We are more than motivated to provide you with the necessary guidance to excel in your career. Here at ANU, we organize weekly Career service and Total Personality Development Classes to help student with developing their moral and professional skills for a successful career path. In addition to our career and TPD sessions, we have counseling sessions everyday with our standby counselors on campus to help students go through the ups and downs they experience whiles on campus.


Health Care

Freshman Orientation

International Student

National Service

University Cafeteria



Administrative Services

Student Support

IT Department

Parents Network

ANU is committed to the holistic development of its students to ensure that they are gaining the knowledge, skills and values needed to create a more humane, just and sustainable world.