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The ANUC Parent & Family Network serves to provide parents, guardians and family, with resources, information, and programs to support the success of their ward. Participation in the network will assist parents to appropriately support their wards throughout their wards’ academic experience by learning about campus resources, activities, and important dates and information. Additionally, the network will assist in helping parents personally stay connected and informed on the All Nations family. The Parent & Family Network is free of cost to join. The following benefits are available to you as a member:

E-Newsletter communications

The e-newsletter will be a helpful communication tool for you to stay informed on a monthly basis. It will provide you with resources, reminders, and articles on University affairs and information to support your wards during their journey at ANUC and beyond.

Social Network

Opportunities will exist for you to share your thoughts and opinions on how your needs as a parent and family member can best be met

Info Tag

Information on all Parent & Family Programs events