Office of Academic & Student Affairs

Dr. Carlene Kyeremeh

VP. Academic & Student Affairs

Welcome Message

Welcome to the All Nations University’s Office of Academic and Student Affairs. Our office is here to provide a conducive environment to facilitate the University’s efforts to create and sustain an academic center of excellence. Our team in collaboration with Deans of Schools, Heads of Departments and Administrative units to plan, coordinates, and implement policies and practices that enhance student learning, professional and personal development.

The Office of Academic and Student Affairs is led by Carlene Kyeremeh, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. Dr. Kyeremeh acts as the chief academic officer for the University community by providing leadership and guidance to develop quality and innovative courses, deliver accredited degree programmes, and support comprehensive student learning experiences. Through our Total Personality Development philosophy, we strive to cultivate a climate for innovative teaching and research to prepare our students for regional and global professions.

Innovative Education

At ANU, we thrive to set the pace and blaze the trail in terms of innovation and creativity in Ghana, Sub-Saharan Africa, Africa and on the global map. All Nations university places great emphasis on the pursuit of knowledge in an academic-friendly environment. This is why the Academic Affairs office works ceaselessly, liaising with various offices within and without this division towards the dispensation of quality higher education using an up-to-date curriculum that matches up to new-age global trends. In a bid to measure up to the emergent demands on a global scale, we embarked on developing and implementing an academic model that provides easy access to support, resources and academic services to bring about an exceptional student life.

Academic Affairs Division

  • Facilitate a conducive environment for teaching and learning.
  • Supports the academic endeavors of All Nations University through strategic planning, administration of Schools and Departments, and development and enforcement of academic policies.
  • Coordinates matters relating to assessment, institutional effectiveness, and programme accreditations.
  • Provides administration for student academic support and resources and support faculty personal and professional development.

Student Affairs Division

This office has the administrative responsibility of coordinating delegated functions performed by subordinates under the division of the Student Affairs. We delight in the needs of our student body, putting into consideration student perspective. The division categorises services such as National Service placement, Student Conduct, Student leadership, Recreation and Sports, University Health Centre, Residential facilities, Parents and Family Network and University Career Services.


The Office of the Student Affairs aims at guiding students through the procedures of National Service application and provides aid and support with National Service Placement for indigent final year students. Registration is carried out at the office of the Asst. Registrar and the Academic Affairs oversees National Service Registration. No Ghanaian student is exempted from National Service but are rather mandated to register. Students who wish to work as service personnel at ANU are to contact the Assistant Registrar/Human Resource Manager.


The Office of the Student Affairs sees to the resolution of allegations of academic and social misconduct under the code of Student Conduct and The Academic Integrity. The use of unauthorized means to acquire published or unpublished works, falsification of data records and practicum experiences, plagiarism, examination malpractice, mishandling of school equipment or malicious use of academic facility for self-aggrandizement to mention but a few are considered academic and social misconducts. Offenders are penalized upon the verdict of the University’s Disciplinary Committee. The school hostel also has certain rules and regulations that must be strictly adhered to. Noncompliance of residents to laid down rules and regulations attracts penalty and even dismissal from the property. Constitution of public nuisance and disruption of campus life are highly prohibited.


We delight in advanced leadership development, community engagement, learning and empowerment. Together, with our faculty and staff, all hands are on deck to ensure a peaceable relationship between students and administrative units in a vibrant campus community.
ANU, through the Office of Student Affairs sees the need to groom and educate her students through student leadership to pioneer responsible citizenry and Christian leadership values in tomorrow’s world.


Here at ANU, we understand the impact of physical wellbeing on cognition and intellectual prowess, social involvement and cultural inclusion, that is why we provide our students a wide variety of recreational activities such as outdoor recreation, sports club, fitness programs and intramural sports. ANU, in conjunction with the Eastern Regional Government embarked on a project in 2014, to construct a world class stadium with a seating capacity of 30,000 people. Completion of the project is in progress. We as an institution, are ardent participants of the Private University Sports and Games (PUSAG), bagging various awards in different categories of the competition yearly.


All Nations University provides clinic and health services throughout the year. Licensed nurses are readily available on campus and the sick bay situated at the hostel facility to administer care. All students are eligible for medical care, consultation, dispensing non-prescription for minor illnesses at the University Clinic but, are responsible for further medical expenses. In the case of severe injuries, complications or chronic care condition, at the nurse’s discretion, students will be referred to a physician, laboratory or X-ray facility. Here, students’ insurance cover handles medical expenses.
The Clinic also provides information with regards to health and clinic facilities as well as NHIS registration and immunization requirements for first year students.
A licensed Medical Doctor is available Mondays and Fridays from 8:00am to 11:00am
The Clinic is opened from 8:00am to 4:30pm, business hours.
All students must have Student ID for service.
NB: All medical records are considered private information and are kept confidentially.


All Nations University, through her hostel services provides her residents with an apartment-style residence, internet connectivity, electricity supply, pipe borne water and an exceptionally serene environment for studies. We appreciate the opportunity to walk with you on your journey towards a successful career by providing you a residential community that supports individual expression and collective responsibility.


The Office of Student Affairs desires to maintain an open communication, keeping our students ‘in the know’ through the ANU-OASA page, e-mail and informational resources.
We have an open-door policy that welcomes parents and guardians to contact our offices. We provide a forum that allows for interaction and airing of views towards the development and advancement of All Nations University because we understand the role that parents and guardians play in the education of their children and wards. Together, we can equip our scholars and wards for every good work in a Christ-centered environment!


It is designed to assist students bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a productive and employable youth. All Nations University’s Career Centre acquaints you with many services where you may find a career path that suits your interest. We also equip you with resume writing skills, interview techniques and the entire pros and cons of a successful job service.
All Nations University in collaboration with diverse organisations and agencies provides her students with a job search and mentoring experience through her Total Personality Development philosophy adopted as a necessary factor of the educational curricula in National and international development.