Master of Arts in Theology

A Master of Arts degree in Theology is designed as a one-year second degree in theology. It is an academic qualification for those who want to further their knowledge of a particular subject of interest or improve their career prospects after having completed an undergraduate degree in theology/religions/related branch of study or any other fields. The programme provides grounding for postgraduate studies to any qualified applicants with the aptitude and biblical insights. It offers students an opportunity to prepare for public leadership or a specialized vocation through theological and ethical reflection informed by biblical, historical, theological, and practical sources.

Aim of the Programme

The aim of the Master of Arts degree in Theology is to provide a systematic and in- depth understanding of theology as a scientific discipline. It is a taught Master’s degree – a structured course based on a program of lectures, seminars, and spiritual formation, as well as a written extended essay to foster graduate-level competence in theological study or pastoral ministry with prescribed courses (Level 600). The program is designed with the philosophy ‘To Equip for Every Good Work’ (2 Timothy 3:17) with proficiency in a specific discipline as well as a focus on the African context.

Objectives of the Programme

Students who successfully complete the Master of Arts in Theology program will be able to:

  • To offer comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of Scripture.
  • To cultivate foundational skills of theological reflection in one chosen area of Biblical Studies (Old Testament/New Testament), African-Christian Theology, Missiology, Christian Ministry, and Counselling.
  • To develop specific, interdisciplinary competencies who plan to do an MPhil/Ph.D.
  • To focus on the African context.

Admission Requirement

  • An applicant with a first degree in Theology or Religion or any other fields from an Accredited Institutions with a grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.00 scale or equivalent.
  • An applicant with a first degree in other disciplines, having adequate experience in the ministry may be admitted to the Master of Arts in ministry.
  • An applicant with a diploma in theology will be required to pass the prescribed deficiency courses prior to admission to a master’s degree in theology
  • Admission shall be subject to selection procedures of the university including an interview.

Graduation Requirement

Students will have the option of choosing an area of research in any one of the following: Biblical Studies (Old Testament/New Testament)/African-Christian Theology/ Missiology/ Christian Ministry/ Counselling. The coursework shall consist of four core courses and one on Research Methodology, three electives from the area of specialization, one seminar, and an extended essay on a topic related to the branch of specialization. A Student must obtain a total of 36 credits as described below :

Core Courses Electives Extended Essay Seminar
15 Credits 9 Credits 9 Credits 3 Credits Total 36 Credits


Mode of Study:

Courses Taught in Modular form

Duration of the Programme:

Full-Time: One year

Part-Time: Two years

Mode of Study

Graduates of this programme are well-prepared for the following roles:

Full time



Career Prospects:

Graduates of this programme are well-prepared for the following roles:

Pastors/Ministers of the Gospel

Parachurch workers


Theology Instructor


The following documents are to be enclosed along with the completed application form;
  • Two passport Size Photographs
  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Evidence of Source of Funding
  • Secondary/High School Certificate
  • Degree Certificate(s)
  • Transcript(s)
  • Proof of National Service
  • Proof of Work Experience
  • Resume/CV
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (One (1) must be Academic)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Research Proposal (for MPhil Applicants only)