School of Theology

Bishop Prof. D.K. Sahu

B.A.(Hons), B.D., M.A.(Oxon), Ph.D.
Dean of Theology
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The Dean's Message

The Genesis of the School of Theology goes back to offering Bachelor of Arts and Diploma since February 2004  by the department of Biblical studies, when accreditation of the program was granted. It has now grown to be a School of Theology since January 2023, offering both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in theology. The Head of the Department of Biblical Studies is Rev. Robert Opata Mate-Wayo.

The post-graduate studies offer Master of Arts, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology as well as Master of Arts in Ministry. A Master of Arts degree in Theology is designed as a one-year second degree in theology The programme provides grounding for postgraduate studies     with the aptitude and biblical insights. The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) is an advanced research programme, considered an intermediate degree between post-graduate and doctorate, and is a qualification in its own right. The Ph.D. is an earned research degree involves scheduled period   of intensive independent research, resulting in a significant contribution of original knowledge                            in the form of a thesis,anddefenseoftheworkbeforeapanelofexpertsinthefield.The aim of the Ph.D. programme is to provide an opportunity toengage with cutting-edge research in the context of the diverse and wider learning and living community of the university and for active involvement in theChristian ministry of education.

Rev Robert Opata Mate-Wayo

B.Th., M.Th,
Head of the Department
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Head of the Department

The Biblical Studies Department has been at the center stage of the University as agent of change to spearhead the Total Personality Development (TPD).  It provides core courses to the entire student body irrespective of branch of studies.  The aim is to establish the basis for sound ethical, moral and social values necessary for attitudinal change and a meaningful life. The Biblical Core courses for the entire student body include Christian Education, Christian Doctrine, Christian Ethics and Christian Leadership,

The Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies is the foundation for a biblically based curriculum at the centre of ANU’s educational programme with the vision to raise leaders with Christian values that includes pastors and leaders. It is academically, biblically, theologically and religiously balanced to be effective and relevant in the context today. The flexibility allows the students to determine their learning trajectories and to opt for Discipline specifics: Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Theology, History, Missiology, Christian Ministry, Counselling, Chaplaincy, structured within the Course so as to move forward to MA/M.Phil. /Ph. D. in theology, if they wish to do so. They also have the opportunity to study allied courses like Business administration, Environment and Public Health, Communication Skills, Science and Religion, Computational Skills, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. The students will have the opportunity to have internship in the ministry of the Church/ Institution during summer break as well as to write an Extended Essay on a topic related to the Discipline Specific.