Electronics & Communications Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering is a promising field of study, most importantly in the present era; it plays an important role in every aspect of our life. Electronics and Communication technology deals with the communication technologies along with the basic electronic components, circuits design and systems.

MISSION: The Bachelors of Engineering program aims to develop appropriate graduate employability skills by incorporating developments in information technology, society’s changing work patterns, sustainable design practices and the need to meet world-best practice in engineering education.

Head of Department


Dr. Anita Antwiwaa
B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D

[email protected]

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Why Study Electronics and Communications Engineering?

Students pursuing a Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and Communications have a full and flexible undergraduate curriculum. Numerous courses can be tailored to fit every individual’s interests, skills and career goals. Students can prepare for technological careers in industry, academia or management.

One of the most sought-after courses where students will learn well established technologies and emerging trends in Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessor and Micro-controllers, Communication System and Protocols, VHDL and VLSI.


  1. Telecom Engineer
  2. Television and Radio broadcast Engineer
  3. System Control Engineer
  4. Satellite Communication Engineer
  5. Electronic Design and development Engineer
  6. Electronics Engineer
  7. Network Engineer
  8. Instrumentation Engineer
  9. Power Engineer

The ECE Department prepares students to pursue leadership, technical, and management positions in a variety of industries like MTN, Vodafone, National Communication Authority, Huawei, Volta River Authority, ECG, Anglo Gold Ashanti etc.


  • Providing students with a sound foundation in electronics and communications and the application of physics to electronics systems
  • Exploring how engineering principles can be applied to investigate and solve problems in electronics and communications industries.
  • Developing students with a strong foundation and opportunity to major in electrical, electronics and systems engineering.
  • Introducing students to the role of the electronic/electrical and communications engineers in industry, research and the provision of services.


The Department has a well-equipped modern laboratory to cater for the following practical:

  • Optical Communication
  • Digital IC
  • Optical Communication
  • VLSI Design and VLSI Simulation


Dr. Anita Antwiwaa B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D

Head of Department

Research Area
Optical fiber security, IoT, 5G, Solitons, Free-Space Optics, Optical MIMO, Satellite Communication, Fiber Dispersions, Li-Fi Technology.

i. Anita Antwiwaa and S. Prince, “Effect of interaction caused by relative phase, amplitude and spacing on neighboring soliton pulse”, proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering, pp.944-947, 2012, London, U.K.
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Mr. Sackey Eric B.E., M.Tech

Research Area
Communication systems, Wireless Communication, LTE-Advanced, Control Systems, Li-Fi Technology, Electrical motors and Drives.

Mr. Twumasi Eric Okyere B.E., M.Tech

Research Area
Digital Communication and networking, wireless Protocols, Network Security.

Mr. Kannan Govinda B.E., M.Tech

Research Area
Industrial electronics, Linear Integrated Circuits.

Mr. Owusu-Ansah, Desmond B.E., M.Tech

Research Area
Communication and networking, Communication switching, Communication protocols, Wireless Communication

Mr. Enock Amoatey B.E., M.Tech

Research Area
Control and instrumentation, Digital signal processing, network Analysis

Mr. Owusu-Donkor Daniel B. E, M.Eng

Research Area
Applied Electronics, microprocessor, VLSI and Embedded Systems

i. Daniel Owusu-Donkor, Dr. O Uma Maheswari. “Enhancing an Image Corrupted with Speckle Noise by Using a Dictionary Technique”, International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering and Technology, ISSN:2348-7968, Vol.1, Issue 3, pp.351-354, May 2014.
ii. Daniel Owusu-Donkor and Mensah Sitti, Gideon Naah. “A Proactiveapproach Towards Ddos Management In Shortest Path Bridging”. IJCA Proceedings On International Conference On Advanced Computing and Communication Techniques Fot High Performance Applications ICACCTHPA 2014(2):18-22, February 2015.

Mr. Martinson Ofori Eric B. E., M.Tech,

Research Area
Nano Electronics, Microwave, Electronic Devices, VLSI and Embedded Systems

Mr. Ernest Teye Martey B. E., M.Eng.

Research Area
Space and Satellite system, Antenna Design, Amateur radio Operation

i. Ernest Matey, Benjamin Bonsu, Quansah Joseph, Aaron Antwi, The Launch of a CAN Satellite
in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa; 1st UNISEC Global Meeting, Tokyo, Japan, 23-24th,
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ii. Ernest Matey, Joseph Quansah, Chemical Concentration Control of Industrial Effluents Using
Satellite Technology ‘A modern step to water pollution control and “galamsey” Operation
Monitoring, ANUJAT, Volume 2, 3rd, November 2013.

Mr. Joseph Quansah B. E., M.Eng

Research Area
Applied Science for Integrated System, Space Weather, Antenna Design

i. Atmospheric Density Modelling via Precise Satellite Tracking of Birds CubeSat constellation. 31st ISTS, 26th ISSFD & 8th NSAT, Matsuyama, Japan, June 3-9, 2017.
ii. Chemical Concentration Control of Industrial Effluents Using Satellite Technology: A Modern Step to Water Pollution Control and “Galemsey” operation Monitoring”, Journal of Applied Thought-All Nations University College (ANUJAT), Ghana.

Dr. Samuel Kofi Fosuhene Ph.D.

Research Area
Physics, Polarization mode Dispersion.

Mr. Othniel Adu Menash Jimmy B.Eng