The President of the Republic of Ghana has suspended lectures in both public and private Universities including other public gatherings with immediate effect. In the hopes of flattening the curve with respect to the spread of COVID-19. 

I hereby request that lectures be suspended until further notice. So, students must leave Campus.


Please note that despite the suspension of classes the University is not closed. We are working to develop online and distance learning platforms for students to access lectures and other learning materials.

The Deans, lecturers and departments would be using this time to prepare lectures for the online platform so we can minimize the effects on students and ensure that they can complete the semester successfully despite the current challenges.  Students on the other hand must return home until further notice and would be contacted on how and when to access the online classes. However, Foreign Students are expected to remain on campus till further notice.

The University Management will continue to update faculty, staff and the entire student body on further development as we continue to monitor the situation. We wish to appeal to the University Community to ensure compliance with the guidelines issued by the President and Ministry of Health to ensure our own safety and that of others around us.  May God Almighty protect everyone including students, faculty and staff from the coronavirus in Jesus Name!